Friday, April 21, 2006

1..2..3.. Launch

So it is official. The first game created by Gosuman Games is live and vital. It is a game made for Netposten and is a simple stock guessing web-based game. I am actually quite pleased with how the game turned out, and of course getting to get payed to write a game. That, in itself, is a first for me. So while it is not an idea of my own, it is there and live. Check it out, if you read danish that is, otherwise you are USC for now. They have great prizes as well, there is a chance to win an iPod... Not bad for a game that only runs for a week at a time!

Of course it brings the nag of not completing my first independant production to mind... But my calendar for may looks like it might give some opportunities.

My project at ITU is nearing completion. We had a great meeting with our tutor today, she confirmed that we were on the right track. There is still some writing to do, and a lot of restructuring, but I think we are in good time. We originally had to hand it in next friday - but guess what. Steve Ballmer is coming to visit ITU, so we get a few days extra time to hand it in. Guess the security surrounding the handing in of projects is too much to handle when combined with Steve-O. :)

Lastly, i read newest The Escapist mag today. Mostly by accident, I had stumbled on it before where it didn't pique my interest. But this time I found myself suddenly reading the whole issue. And enjoying it too. So, maybe I'll become a regular reader.

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