Thursday, June 07, 2007

Back to strongarming, eh?

I have been following the Cansdale vs. Microsoft case for a while. And Jamies post today did it for me. The way Microsoft is acting here disgusts me. He has been pouring hours into making an awesome add-on for their product, which is helping both professional and the open community in deveopling better products. And they are strongarming him on vague grounds because their product is not as "flawed" as they claim.

A signal is sent to the entire open source/add-on community that spending your time supporting their product is a bad idea. Just another brick in the yellow brick road that could lead "alpha geeks" away from MS - as have been the community buzz for a while now.

Well this has done it for me as well. I installed SharpDevelop and will be working with that from now on. The new version is actually awesome, i just need to find out how to enable a shortcut for run tests, as this is the way I work with TestDriven.NET today... It doesn't seem to work. Oh, and I have to figure out how to make XNA projects with SharpDevelop as well - then it is a total bye bye.

Maybe Jamie could be convinced to make TestDriven.NET's features in SharpDevelop instead. Their TDD tools are not that good. :o)


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