Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Gaming BuzzMetrics

Just tuned in to Allans blog. I know Allan from ITU, having shared the experience of their enrollment course and AI course with him. He is currently employed at Infopaq. His blog is a tech blog, and there are some interesting stuff there.

While stripmining his blog, I cam across a link to the BlogPulse site, where you can make graphs displaying the trends of terms in the blogosphere, ising a technology called BuzzMetrics. Of course I had to take it for a spin in my world - so here is a chart of the Console War in the last three months.


So it seems as Wii is the most talked about console with the PS3 and MS battling for second place. Not that far from the sales figure truth. Fun to see that the E3 spike seems to have given the Wii most coverage.

BTW, my search criteria for the chart was "XBox" or "Xbox 360", "Playstation" or "PS3" and "Wii".

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