Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It must be a sign, but an undeciferable one

How come that the day GTA4 should have arrived in my mail, the postal delivery people in my region decides to go on a strike. So I am left out of the party even though I had done my duty and pre-ordered the game. Luckily they are showing Chelsea-Liverpool CL semi on Viasat TV6 which I can watch for free with the digital tuner in my new TV.

Nothing as cruels as this happens without a reason. So. What is there to learn? Never pre-order a game? Could be. With Halo 3 I got a fair warning getting to pay more than I had to - even though Coolshop has a pricing guarantee. Never covet a game so much that your belly hurts? Actually I am still looking more forward to Rock Band than I had to GTA4. But the last couple of days the GTA fever got to me too.

Bottom line. I am angry, hurt and confused. And I don't know why...

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