Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Playing with WatiN

I just discovered WatiN yesterday. I have been using Watir for some time now, but it has bugged me that the integration with Visual Studio was not very good. Especially the combination of using TestDriven.NET with Watir is not good. Hopefully WatiN will fix all that.

So in the process of trying to set up a controlled environment for WatiN to execute in, I stubled upon this great post by RobertMcLaws. When using Watir I have been irritated by the fact that the WebDev server within VS will start up on different ports whenever it bloody well feels like it! There is a rational explanation for the port change of course. But nevertheless it has required that I set up my IIS for using Watir. And that bugged me. Now things will probably get easier.

I will be posting more on WatiN as soon as I have played with it some more.

Kick Roberts story at DotNetKicks: kick it on

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