Thursday, September 28, 2006

Infidelity and XNA

I'll start out by posting this unnessecary link to a good post on agile. Unnessecary becouase I got it from Joel, so evereybodys read it already. Nevertheless, I'll post it here for future reference. I think it is is a worthwile read.

Word around town is that I have been cheating on my blog. Unfaithful if you want. And that is all true. Yeah, I'll confess. I have started another Blog. In contrast to this blog, it is in Danish, and concentrated more on me and my personal life. "But you have been doing that here as well?". Yup. But that sort of takes the focus from this Blog. I would like to use this one more for tech related stuff... Work related. And not having to write a long post on what I am up to each time (see, you're doing it again!). And I think that is why I have a standstill in Blogging. Maybe.

All right: Game Development is the name of the game. Gosuman is up and running and I now get Game Development gigs. Cool. I will try to focus on doing the stuff with XNA, because XNA uses C# and that rocks. And because I can make stuff for my XBox 360. Right now I am learning and taking a course at ITU where we are making an FPS game with XNA. We want to focus on doing good AI, but since we're making it from the bottom up, we need to do all the plumbing as well. I have posted a screenshot. And maybe I will post a playable demo at some point. We'll see.

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