Friday, December 02, 2005

Double Back Flip 360 to Total Ecstazy

No, the title has nothing to do with the SSX series games, not yet at least. It's even better. I got my XBox 360 today! On the launch date nonetheless. Man, was I ever a lucky b'Tard getting it. So, you want the long story - all right! I pre-ordered my first 360 in the beginning of November - way to late actually - but I didn't know that. A week later they mailed me saying they couldn't deliver December 2nd as promised. In fact they couldn't tell me when they were able to deliver to me. So I went to my local EB Games. They could deliver one to me December 16th. OK, I thought, I am gonna miss out on the first 14 days and my buddies who all have their boxes are going to taunt me, nothing to worry about. I had worse... Or what... I just couldn't let it rest so I got another lead ordering one there but they could not tell me when I could get it either. So things were looking bleak. Then out of the blue comes "El-Giganten". In this weeks catalogue they told the world that you could buy it starting monday November 28th. It seemed VEYR unlikely t say the least - but I had to check it out. So I went to the store and as expected they had to wait until friday like everyone else to sell it. BUT. It was still possible to make a reservation. TaDA! So four days before launch I managed getting one - and without standing in line for it either. Oh, and 400kr. cheaper than in most other stores as well. Me So Luuuucky. :)

So what can I say. I am loving it. All day I have been playing NFS, which rocks, I'm gonna check it out on live later this evening. I've also checked out the Marketplace and Live arcade and I am SO looking forward to playing Gaunltet on Live. It is so immensly retro cool to have that game there. Takes me back to the old dasy when we pumped coins into it in the basement below Palads cinema. Those were the days. The only thing wrong with the XBox 360 is that it is screaming for me: GET AN HDTV YOU DARN IDIOT... So I have to save my money for a new TV. And how am I EVER going to do that when I am going to spend ALL my time in front of my old TV. Tell me that! :P

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