Monday, December 12, 2005

A new nephew and old school coding

All right then. It finally happened. My brother and his wife were expecting their second child. Weel, four days ago was his first in the world. I saw him yesterday and he is small, cute an dvery sleepy. The last part was great, because I got to hold him a long time without him complaining at all.

I also got my first freelance job. It is an OK assignment, pays well, the only hurdle is that I have to use C++ and ATL (WTL). It has been so long since I did any work with those techs. But surprisingly enough it is going OK. Slowly but steadily I am learning. I could need some books on the topic if I am ever going to do anything more with it. The great part is that after getting bogged down with C++ macros I am REALLY enjoying C# and .NET more and more. :)

As you can see from the gap betwen posts this time, the 360 is really chomping my time. I am up to 325 gamer points, mostly with Need For Speed. But I am having much fun with the arcade games as well. Hopefuly there will be more of them soon so I can spend more money... It's like drugs you know!

Well have fun. Ta-ta for now. Catch me on XBox Live. My gamertag is Fehaare.

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