Friday, December 30, 2005

So, this was christmas...

Man. Haven't had time for blogging because of the christmas madness, and what a hectic one it was this year. We have been visiting family from the 22nd until yesterday. Touring round the country - Vedbæk, Farum, Tommerup, Odense, Vejle, Rødovre, Hvidovre. The worst part was all the food. Because I just can't seem to get enough. Katrine (my fiancee) and I have decided that it is time for the big weight loss tour strating january. Let's see if we hold up for long.

It wasn't as bad as it probably sounds. I had a great time. But it is also great to have some time to yourself. Not that there is much of thet. Today we ventured into the snowstorm - it has been snowing all nignt and most of today as well - to get most of the stuff for new years. We are having 10 guests at new years, so It'll be a blast.

I have been playing some Kameo. Katrine gave it to me at christmas. It is a great game. It looks stunning - would be better if I had an HDTV... That's number one on my gadget wishlist for next year! The game is great. Has a good balance of adventure vs. action and is not too tough, yet, but still challenging enough to be interesting. So I am racking up gamer points. I have to complete NFS also. Now I have gotten to where it gets hard, so I shouldn't quit now. The rewards will be greater as well!

Before christmas I had a good talk with Kristian, who seems to be interested in joining the company. We will try to create a demo game together. An RPG/Action thing probably. So I have been brushing up on engines for C#/Managed DirectX, because that is what we are going to use. I found Artificial Engines which I am taking for a spin. They seem to be encapsulating MDX in a great easy to use way, and it is not a COM wrapper for another engine - which is a good thing.

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