Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today is the day... Or tomorrow

So tomoorow it happens. The Xbox 360 release here in good ol' Europe. I am going to a release party at EB Games this evening, so in a sense it is already today for me. I will of course first get my grubby hands on my own machine tomorrow morning, so guess what the weekend will bring - and the next week - and the next...

I have been working on streamlining the flow between my VS.NET -> local FitNesse -> CruiseControl.NET -> Gosuman FitNesse, so new versions of code can be easily and automatically brought to the eagerly awaiting customer. It is working great right now. Everything is methodically written down. Perhaps I will write a tutorial some day.

Yesterday was my birthday so I am now officially 34 years of age. Congrats to me. :)

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