Friday, January 20, 2006

Exam. Done!

So it is finally over. I had my exam yesterday morning. It went well. My grade was 10 (on a special danish scale to 13). And I am satisfied with that. Now I can practice relaxing. Some.

I am picking up my laptop that has been broken since monday. I had actually managed to break the motherboard (and the screen), how I did that I dont know. But they replaced both. Price: 3900 kr. Ouch. I could buy a new desktop for that money. Happily I aint paying. But I know now to be very careful. It is the first time in my 5 years of using a laptop only that I have broken one down. It is usually "only" the harddisk that breaks down. Which is actually worse!

This weekend we are going to our house in the country. I will be coding on a job that is up for first test monday, and Kat will be watching the royal baptism. All by the roaring fireplace. Can't get much better than that I assure you. It has been snowing heavily in denmark during the week, so it will be fantastic up there. Watch out for pics next week.

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