Monday, January 02, 2006

Sometimes it can be HARD to get things done

Especially when you have a lazy cat lounging on top of your computer... Other than that I have started the new year pretty well. Happy new year to all you frequent readers BTW. Now it is officially 2006, so the company can finally get started. Tomorrow I am going to speak with my lawyer and my bank too se how we are going to do things so I can get some starting captial - preferably without it costing me obscene amounts of interests! Not that I desperately need money in the company. I haven't got many need to have things that I well, NEED to have right now. So better save what I can for a the rainy days. My first jobs are going smoothly and more are getting added to the list, small ones, but still they mean money.
My business plan is also getting there. Especially I am working on a running plan where I can track my progress according to the goals I have set for the business in 2006. I think it is very imortant to have measurable goals, and be able to measure on them constantly. If you don't know where you stand, you have no idea where to put your efforts. Especially because I could easily get lost in just working my butt off for a lot of people and not getting any real work done on the games. And that would not be fruitful. One of my goals is that 5% of the income for 2006 have to come from games or game-related jobs. It is not a lot, but I expect it to be hard to get into the market, so I am content if it lands there.
Lastly, take a look at this great link that I shamelessly lifted from James Shores blog: Seven habits of highly eficient programmers. I think it is a good post that it is hard not to agree with. Maybe it doesn't bring many new things to the table, but it definately sums up some good practices.

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